Tensile Structure

We design, manufacture and build prime quality tensile structure, canopies including shade sails and temporary and permanent shade structures. Our Tensile fabric Structures are coated with the best grade tensile materials that are flame-resistant, completely waterproof and includes a ten-year guarantee. Tensile structure is a construction of elements, carrying just tension and no bending or compression. Tensile structures are fabricated as permanent or temporary shade structures for residential or industrial, institutional, sports, transportation, event & hospitality, people artwork structures, and landscape artwork. The tensile structure provides permanent protection with less maintenance. A tensile structure’s unique qualities allow a light-weight and elegant supporting structure, designed to fulfill client requirements.  

Tensile structures make use of less material, which is stretched using steel wires. The surfaces thus made are strong enough to overcome the forces which get imposed on them. The structures are formalized using the three main elements — the membranes, the wires, and the rigid structures.

Shadeco India Provides a full service to our customers from initial concept design through to installation. Our creative design team works with you to optimize the aesthetic charm, structural performance, and customer satisfaction throughout the planning technique. Based on your location, we offer the technical design team  required when deciding which materials and concepts work best.

Our range of best quality waterproof tensile structures are perfect for outdoor space. We design, manufacture and build prime quality tensile fabric structure, canopies including shade sails, parking shade structures. We provide a wide range of architectural tensile structures which includes, car parking shed, amphitheater shade, atrium skylights, play ground sun shade, swimming pool sun shed, walkway sun shade, entrance canopy and courtyard shade structures.

Commercial and Residential shade structures:

We manufacture a wide variety of commercial and residential shade structures including, window awnings, gazebo tensile structures, pagoda tent, tensile fabric structures, industrial sheds, prefabricated roof sheds, public art canopy, and polycarbonate roof sheds. We specialize in the design and build best quality auditorium tensile roof, tensile sports structures, sun shade canopy, cantilever shed structures, and badminton court shade.

Advantages of Tensile Structures:

FLEXIBLE DESIGN AESTHETICS – The fabric membrane has unique elastic characteristics, and this provides us a chance to experiment with its form to make iconic tensile structures. The tensile membranes are translucent and provide excellent daytime light, making space below comfortable and inviting.

SHORTENED CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULES – By using appropriate Methodologies and special contractors, we at ShadeCo make the process of installation faster and economical. Tensile fabric structures are made using various design materials due to which these last for several decades and can also withstand extreme climates.

COST BENEFITS -Tensile structures are lightweight and are economical when compared to the traditional building materials.

LOW MAINTENANCE-Tensile membrane Structures have always been low maintenance jobs for the clients. Clients can also opt for after-sales care services provided by ShadeCo India. 

EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT – The tensile structures are lightweight are have low building load, and are elastic. All these features make them earthquake resistant.

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Applications of Tensile Structures:

COMMERCIAL– Tensile fabric Structures can be used in commercial spaces since they help improve the facilities supplied to the customer. They add to the visual appeal of this space and provide shade and protection against weather elements.

RESIDENTIAL – The uses of tensile structures in residential spaces are many. These can be used to cover parking areas, gardens, balcony, backyard and entrance areas.  The fashionable tensile structures can be installed near the entrance, walkways and cover the kid’s play area.

INSTITUTIONAL –   We manufacture tensile structures in different design, shapes and sizes. Be it a playground or a walkway, and we have the ideal tensile structure to fulfill client’s requirements. Tensile Structures can be utilized as stadium roofs as they provide shelter for both the players and spectators. These shade structures are wind and weather resistant and are long-lasting.

PERFORMANCE AND EVENT – The Properties where events and performances are held need to be visually attractive and functional at precisely the same time. ShadeCo India provides custom tensile structures that can be used to cover the big spans as well.

EXHIBITION STRUCTURES – We provide both temporary in addition to permanent exhibition structures that are best for exhibitions of every scale. Our clients can select the tensile structure based on size or style.

OUTSIDE CAFE’ COVERS AND CANOPIES – Outdoor Café and canopies are always in need of durable shades that protect their clients from unpleasant weather conditions. ShadeCo India understands your needs and balances the functionality with aesthetic allure.

HOSPITALITY – ShadeCo India brings in an innovative change through the tensile structures, which can be utilized in the hospitality industry to enhance the overall customer experience. All our structures are pleasing to the eye and provide a much need area for outdoor occasions.

TRANSPORTATION – Tensile Structures can be utilized in the transportation industry to pay for the parking spaces, storage components, departure and arrival terminals, and more. As a result of their durability, the use of those structures has increased in recent decades.

RETAIL – The Retail market, which is always looking for a change, can make the best use of tensile structures manufactured by ShadeCo India. These could be used near the shop entrances or the walkways to enhance the premises’ total look. Performance Regions need to be well covered. 

INDUSTRIAL – Industrial spaces can use tensile structures to add-on an additional space to store their equipment or supplies. These shades offer excellent shelter to the products and can also be utilized to expand the existing office area, like creating dining areas, parking lots, and more.

PARKS AND RECREATION – Parks and recreational areas have to be appealing and lively. Tensile shade can be used in parks and in recreational areas to offer shelter to people, and also to the retailers as well. Our customers can get to choose from uniquely textured shades that can be found in all sizes and shapes.

RESTAURANT – ShadeCo India provides magnificent tensile structures that are durable, functional, and fashionable too.

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