A Brief on Tensile Structures

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Tensile Structures are basically cables, membranes, or materials that are used to provide structural support and are authenticated to distribute loads. These structures are also known by various other names in the market, such as tension structures, etc. These structures are designed by the tensile structure sellers to provide strength and stability from the tensile forces, usually created when the material gets stretched or tensioned between support points.

The tensile structure manufacturers design these structures to provide a light-weightiness and visually striking appearance to the structures. It is often used to provide large spans and is usually designed to create wide-open spaces without the need for internal support columns or walls. The material used in the manufacturing of these structures is very flexible. Usually, the tensile structures also include fabrics, cables, membranes, or various rigid components connected by tensioning systems.

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Modular PVC Tensile Architectures
Modular PVC Tensile Architectures

350.00 /Square Feet

Spec: Modular PVC Tensile Architectures, PVC, Modular, Color Coated


Sirocco Tensile Structure
Sirocco Tensile Structure

355.00 /Square Feet

Spec: Sirocco Tensile Structure, PVC, Prefab, Modular, good


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