Cantilever Shed Structures

Cantilever shed structures mean fewer columns and additional open area. Tensile structures are perfect for walkway, swimming pools, car parks, shopping facilities, and other applications where having a minimum number of columns is equally advantageous. Cantilever shed structures are extremely versatile and work well in an assortment of environments. If you would like to rearrange chairs, give a clearer perspective, or put up tables, these shades supply you with the extra space, you need without the barrier of posts.

We design, manufacture and build bespoke tensile structures, including canopies, shade sails and event shade structures. We provide a wide range of cantilever shed structures and shade sails which includes, car parking shed, atrium skylights, amphitheater shade,  architectural tensile structures, play ground sun shade, entrance canopy, swimming pool sun shed , walkway sun shade and courtyard shade structures.

We at ShadeCo India, consider in meeting up with your requirements with standards surpassing excellence. You can use our broad range on cantilever shed structures for an assortment of uses. We offer cantilever  parking sheds, pool shade, walkway sheds. Our designs are minimalist. You have no additional posts, which means that you have a more open-spaced area. These tensile shades beautify the ambience attracting more people towards your business. It can be a commercial institution, a stadium, or even a wellness salon. Cantilever shades are ideal for shopping complexes, swimming pools and side-pathway areas too. Cantilever shade structure can be appealing for your gardens area as well.

We at ShadeCo India, believe in giving you an obstruction-free views. Especially as you see your favorite cricket or tennis matches, free from other posts, you get a clearer perspective of the same. Reversed umbrellas, hotel gazebos, and fashionable canopy structures satisfy a holidaying ambiance just like none other. We are equipped with the expertise to give you the ideal sort of platform. In this way, your dream unfold into reality, at an absolute amount of ease; and we have over 15 years of experience within the industry of producing fabulous tensile structures. Our super complex array of tensile shades also consist of architectural water-park canopies, airport walkway canopies, and two-wheeler parking sheds.

Commercial and Residential Shed Structures:

We manufacture a wide variety of commercial and residential shed structures including, window awnings, gazebo tensile structures, garden umbrellas, pagoda tent, conical tensile structures, industrial sheds, , public art canopy, prefabricated roof sheds, and polycarbonate roof sheds. We specialize in the design and build best quality tensile sports structures, auditorium tensile roof, sun shade canopy, badminton court shade, and cantilever shade structure.

You can sign up for an online form with us. We would be more than happy to help you identify the scope of the project. . Our 3D specialists will take accurate measurements and start with all the aesthetic landscape work. In a brief span of 2-4 months, we’ll have the project handed over to you. Your beautified assumptions double up our joy quotient.

Basic Technical Specifications:

  • Base Fabric : PES low-wick
  • Yarn: 1100 dtex
  • Weight (GSM): 580 – 1350 g/sqm
  • Thickness: Usually 0.05mm – 0.82mm
  • Temperature Resistance: -50 /+70 (Degree Celsius)
  • Tensile Strength (Wrap/Weft): 2400-4200 (4200/4000 N/5CM)
  • Tear Strength (Wrap/Weft): 270-580 (N)
  • Fire Rating: B1/DIN 4102 (900g/SQM)
  • Adhesion : 140 (N/5 cm (EN ISO 2411)
  • Wind Load: 169.2 km/h (47 m/s) (Indian Standard)
  • Warranty- 5 – 15 Years