Conical Tensile Structures

Conical Tensile Structures provides sleek and significant coverage with several options for customization. This types of conic form of tensile structure can be used in multifunctional areas, such as a play area, swimming pool, seating area, events, walkway, cover courtyard, parking shed, hotel restaurant, cafĂ©, auditorium, etc. ShadeCo India manufactures many creative designs for conical tensile structures with various ranges of colors, shapes, and sizes. Our tensile structures are covered with the best grade tensile fabric that’s flame retardant, totally waterproof, and contains a 10-year guarantee. Tensile fabric structures are durable structures that are safe to be left outside all weather conditions and protect from the elements, rain, sun & dangerous UV rays. Contact us now to learn more!

We design, manufacture and build prime quality tensile structures canopies including shade sails, parking shade structures. We provide a wide range of architectural tensile structures which includes, car parking shed, atrium skylights, amphitheater shade, play ground sun shade, entrance canopy, swimming pool sun shed, walkway sun shade and courtyard shade structures.

Commercial and Residential Shed Structures:

We manufacture a wide variety of commercial and residential shade structures including, window awnings, gazebo tensile structures, pagoda tent, tensile fabric structures, industrial sheds, prefabricated roof sheds, public art canopy, conical tensile structure and polycarbonate roof sheds. We specialize in the design and build best quality auditorium tensile roof, tensile sports structures, sun shade canopy, cantilever shed structures, and badminton court shade.

Our Work Process:

We’re committed to providing all our customers with always higher quality, professional service from design creation, design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, builder, or building owner, ShadeCo India can provide scope to ensure your job’s successful implementation.


We listen and provide professional advice from your project brief. We summarize alternate options, making cost-estimates to help optimize usage and fulfill specific requirements. We bring clarity to a decision-making procedure with 3D renders of this new job from the suggested locations. Outline design acceptance will permit the planning application process to begin.


Our creative design team works with you to optimize aesthetic appeal, structural performance, and client satisfaction during the design process. According to your concepts, we offer the technical expertise needed when deciding which materials and design function best. Rest assured that we’ll always have the ideal fabric to deliver the most out of your design.


Tensile fabric projects are from small, pre-designed canopies to enormous and one of a kind fabric structures. Our team’s diverse experience means you get the best project manager for the job. A project manager who will not only bring you relevant knowledge but complete service continuity through your project.


We supply manufacturing solutions of tensile fabric construction, temporary & permanent structures, environmental, exhibition, residential, and business markets. Utilizing the most recent 3D modeling software and error-proof quality management systems, we provide high-quality drawings and fabrication workshop drawings to support the tensile structure’s steel construction framing.

The complete tensile fabric bundle for steel comprises all steel drawings generated from a comprehensive 3D model compared to conversion to 2D drawing details needed and provide a much-increased visualization of this project during fabrication and erection. When it comes to steel fabrication, we utilize the most up-to-date and most high-tech CNC laser or laser system to reduce plates and distinctive chemical profiles, bend and finally assemble fabricated steels. We create shade structures based on the design specification.


The high risk for membrane construction is at installation. The explanations for different shapes of the membrane and the installation method are different in every project; therefore, our technology team has put high effort & expertise to design the setup method. ShadeCo India has well trained in-house installation team that has years of expertise to service customers.