We offer various industrial leading fabric materials such as coated PVC fabric, PTFE, and ETFE, all offered in several colors and base weights. All fabric Materials are virtually maintenance-free. These fabric membranes provide flexibility, durability, and fire resistance to satisfy building codes. We provide several tension fabric choices and recommend brands like Sattler, Serge Ferrari, Sioen, and Mehler high-performance textiles that are entirely designed for tension and tensile fabric structures.

Fabric | PVC (Architectural Textiles Fabrics)

PVC fabric with PVDF top-coated self-cleaning lacquering layer for improved UV resistance. This PVC fabric is most ordinarily used in the construction of tensile structures. PVC fabric is chosen not just for its excellent strength, flexibility, and translucency, but also for its spectacular service life of 25+ years. PVC fabric is mainly used for dramatic and beautiful forms in tensile structures, but its big selection of colors and quality for printing makes it ideal for banners. As a result of PVC fabric is often rolled-up, it’s appropriate for each temporary and retractable structures. The PVC polyester coating includes UV resistance, fire retardant, coloring, and anti-fungicides, and it can be recycled. PVC polyester is used on structures worldwide. In every atmosphere and can be used in several areas & applications include walkways, entrance cover, Car Parking, play areas, stadiums, event areas, retail, hospitality industry, and many more!


The tensile structures’ strength depends on the rigid structural elements used like struts and masts or the arches. These elements support the membrane used and are healthy and lightweight, and are easy to fabricate and install. Shadeco India uses various kinds of steels to provide structure and is reliable.

Mild Steel (MS)

The mild steel structures are lightweight and are readily available, and are relatively easy to fabricate. These support the tensile fabric and the cable membrane and are used at the peaks at the edges and can be used to create the anchors used to hold the fabric down.

Galvanised Steel (GI)

Galvanized steel is hot dipped so that protective zinc coated is formed on the top. The corrosion-resistant zinc coating prevents the steel from rusting as it stops the penetration of corrosive substances.

Stainless Steel (SS)

Stainless Steel is highly durable and is not prone to rust or stain and is one of the most preferred options. Shadeco India provides two kinds of stainless steel to choose from – the marine and standard stainless steel.

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