Tensile Fabric Structures

Our tensile fabric structures are covered with the best grade tensile materials that’s flame-resistant, completely waterproof, and contains a 10 to 20 years warranty. These are permanent structures that are safe to be left out in most climates and protect those under from the rain, sun and dangerous UV rays. Tensile fabric structures include the many completely different varieties of framework/support construction. They can range from cantilevered structures great for, entry canopy, car parking shed, walkway shades, outdoor entrance canopy, amphitheater shade, garden umbrella, and much more. For something identifying and unique to your project, tensile fabric structures may fill any requirements.

Architectural Fabric Structures: 

We design, manufacture and build bespoke tensile fabric structures, including canopies, event structures and commercial shade structures. We manufacture a wide range of architectural fabric structures which includes playground sun shade, walkway sun shade, swimming pool sun shade and courtyard shade structures.

Tensile Structures are designed utilizing a build strategy, and each construction utilizes various fabric membranes, all of which can be put together using clamps, wires, or stainless steel supports. Designers, Architects, and contractors frequently prefer a tensile fabric structure over a traditional roof for a variety of factors. Tensile structures may be used in parking lots, arenas, transportation hubs, etc.

The tensile fabric structure is much more than a shade; it’s even regarded as a part of the artwork. The fabric used in the building of these designs is quite flexible and thus provides a superb chance for us to create structures of various sizes, shapes, and styles. Additionally, using of up-lighting can transform the usual tensile structure into a magnificent visual type, particularly during the evenings. Tensile fabric structures can also be utilized as little accents to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a construction.

Commercial and Residential Shade structures:

We manufacture a wide variety of commercial and residential shade structures including, gazebo tensile structures, window awnings, public art canopy, conical tensile structures industrial sheds, pagoda tent, polycarbonate roof sheds, and prefabricated roof sheds. We specialize in the design and build of the best quality tensile sports structures, auditorium tensile roof, atrium skylights, sunshade canopy, badminton court shade, and cantilever shade structures.

Give us a call about the design that you require, and we assure you to offer you the best.

Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile However, have you wondered why lots of individuals prefer using tensile structures rather than alternative classic roofing structures? There are lots of benefits that using tensile structures.

UV Resistant | Fire Resistance | 100% Waterproof |  Tensile Strength | Sun & Rain Protection I Flexible Design Aesthetics I Excellent Durability | Cost Effective | Low Maintenance | Earthquake Resistant | Wind Resistant | Anti-Fungicides

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